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Saving Green by Going Green the Latest Book from MeetGreen®
Simple Steps to Sustainable Meetings: Industry workbooks for strategic planning

By Nancy Zavada, Amy Spatrisano,
& Shawna McKinley

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In the meetings industry if you want to know how to green events, you turn to the industry leaders at MeetGreen®.  They have spent more than 15 years fine-tuning the processes necessary to create sustainable meetings that are cost-effective.

In their latest book,
Saving Green by Going Green, Nancy Zavada, Amy Spatrisano and Shawna McKinley effectively dispel the myth that sustainable meetings cost more.  The book provides tools that  illustrate how to save money while making sustainable choices.  The step-by-step process includes all of the forms, checklists and vendor requests a Planner needs to put a green plan in motion.

This book will help you:
  1. Define the resources are needed to implement a successful event greening plan.
  2. Set the scope of the plan.
  3. Balance your event budget with a green perspective.
  4. Analyze your supply chain to identify specific opportunities to reduce costs while aligning with environmental, social and economic goals.
  5. Demonstrate tactics for measuring and benchmarking cost avoidance and reduction.
  6.  Identify opportunities to make money with the green meeting plan.
  7. Track the financial savings to report to share with key players.

Saving Green by Going Green isn’t just about “doing the right thing” for the environment, it’s about making shrewd business decisions that will save your company both time, money and produce a sustainable event.

About the Authors
Nancy Zavada, Amy Spatrisano and Shawna McKinley have spent many years leading the charge for sustainable meeting  management, long before the concept was mainstream. They were continuously heard the claim that “green costs more” as a reason for non engagement When they began making the economic case for responsible meetings, organizations listened. Money talks.  The journey has lead them to participate on national and international committees, task forces and working groups, give numerous speeches and webinars in an effort to encourage and guide the meetings industry toward sustainable practices. They created and launched the Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC), the first meetings organization in the US dedicated to green meetings. They continue to create sustainable events for clients and provide training for individual organizations and the meetings industry at large on environmental policy and procedure.   All three have been recognized with titles, awards and in magazines for their tireless efforts in sustainability. They are true thought leaders and continue to learn, teach and grow along with the ever changing playing field that is meeting planning and sustainable environmental stewardship. 

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Simple Steps to Green Meetings and Events:The Professional's Guide to Saving Money and the Earth

By Nancy Zavada & Amy Spatrisano

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Filled cover to cover with best practices, tips and resources for making your meeting or conference an environmentally friendly event, this is the definitive guide to green meetings and events. Whether you are just getting started or a veteran in the industry, this book will increase your know-how and give you the tools to make green meetings work.
You'll discover how to:
  • Use the business case for green meetings to enroll stakeholders.
  • Communicate your objectives and negotiate green practices.
  • Ask the right questions to make your initiatives successful.
  • Incorporate green strategies into all areas of your meeting.
  • Distinguish commonly used environmental terms.
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Praise for Simple Steps to Green Meetings and Events:

Finally, the definitive word on green meetings from the industry pioneers. Nancy and Amy provide a clear, compelling business case to mainstream organizations for integrating environmental thinking into event planning, and offer cost-saving tools and advice to enable every meeting to become not just greener, but better.
-- Joel Makower, Executive Editor,

Green meetings are one way that the planners can contribute to solving the serious environmental challenges of our time and meet the new strategic imperative for businesses to be socially responsible. Amy and Nancy have de-mystified high-impact green actions with their practical and flexible approach in this user-friendly book.
-- Marge Anderson, Associate Director, Energy Center of Wisconsin

"Amy Spatrisano and Nancy Wilson, acknowledged leaders in the greening of the meeting industry, have put together a highly useful, practical guidance document for meeting planners to make their events more environmentally responsible. 'Simple Steps to Green Meetings and Events' describes actionable steps that organizations at any level of commitment can implement. One of the most valuable themes in this work is that you don't have to be an expert, or try to do everything at once, to make a difference. The authors sprinkle the text with real examples and data to support their assertion that these actions result in benefits to the environment as well as to the bottom line of all involved."
-- Arthur B. Weissman, Ph.D., President & CEO, Green Seal, Inc.

"'Simple Steps to Green Meetings and Events' provides professionals with practical tools and straightforward guidance to bring green strategies to meetings and events." As environmental responsibility becomes a mainstream way of doing business, Amy and Nancy share their in-depth knowledge in this timely book making it easy for anyone to get started."
-- Joe D'Alessandro, President & CEO, San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau

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Hungry for more? MeetGreen® can integrate green meeting practices into your organization at any level. Whether it's full conference management event assessment, green consulting or personalized training on our tools and greening practices. Read more here.

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